July 24, 2021 12:04 pm

2023: Prophet Reveals Information On Who Will Succeed Buhari In Prophecy

The General Overseer of Light of the World International Church, Prophet Joshua Arogun has expected that President Muhammadu https://www.africanpolicy.com/ Buhari’s successor could be a former governor from the South who become recently released from jail.

Arogun discovered this in Lagos throughout a church carrier, according to Vanguard. He defined sharing with the general public any information he gets from God as his primary duty.

“I am a prophet of God and via the grace of God, something the Lord tells us involves pass due to the fact we listen from Him; we don’t pay attention from guys. We don’t rely on public opinion for prophecies. We aren’t fearful of what humans will say while such prophesies are given to us to inform the people. When we pay attention from the Lord, we inform human beings irrespective of how it’s far interpreted. It is left for people to take it.

“Before the election final yr (2019), God advised me that President Buhari could be re-elected; And God instructed me a lot of factors approximately Buhari. It is He that anointed him to be the president and there are not any questions about that. No you can still trade it. The human beings can hate him: the human beings can reject him however God has ordained him, and there’s something about God. When He says which you could be this, no guy can trade it. He does what pleases Him.”

The Prophet, who anticipated the victory of President Muhammadu Buhari within the 2019 election, told the congregation that while they have been praying, he acquired a clean message approximately the 2023 presidential election and how it might take place.

“I got a revelation about Nigeria’s political dynamics in the subsequent popular election. I noticed a man in prison (now launched) and this man has been a former Governor from the South-East taking on from President Buhari. There is virtually not anything you can do approximately someone’s destiny, in particular whilst sanctioned by way of God. Everything that takes place in existence is for a purpose. I saw renewed alliances the various political magnificence and across the political events and I noticed this us of a reuniting greater than it has ever accomplished before. God loves Nigeria so much. Nigeria is a big united states of america, and is blessed with human and herbal resources.”

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